About Jen

Want to know about me, A.K.A., Jen? 😁 I’m going to do my best to tell you who I am without giving the same ol’ “I’ve always loved photography’ speech. (Though I always have…lol)

I’m not just a photographer. I am a wife and mom first and foremost. My children are ages 13, 12, 9, 8, 2 & 20 months. Yes, there’s 6 of them.

It’s not just the art of photography that captivates me, its capturing a moment that otherwise would be forgotten. The way your baby’s chubby little rolls bunch up when you lay her down. How your son LOVES making that silly face that reminds you of your dad. It’s THESE things that I strive to capture. I don’t want these small moments to be forgotten.

I’ve made some GREAT friends with my clients over the years. And to me, building those lasting relationships is just as important as anything. A trust is built and a loyalty develops on both ends. It’s simply fantastic!

And I’m not just there to photograph….. I’m there to laugh, tease, play and gain the trust of your family and JUST HAVE FUN. Who wants to sit awkwardly and smile into a camera? I know I wouldn’t.

Here are some fun little facts about me:

I used to be 165 lbs heavier. Yep… true story.

Born and raised in NY, but, do not miss it a bit. ( I DO, however, miss the food. UGH!!! mmmmm….)

I’m terrified of Spiders. Yeah, don’t even show me a photo…lol.

I love a good thunderstorm. Though now that I’m living in AZ… it’s a bit rare. 😉

I’ll buy ANYTHING if its purple….lol. No really, ANYTHING.

I LOVE being around children. They liven me up!

I hope that gives you a brief peek into who I am without the same ol’  ‘about me’ speech. I look forward to meeting you and capturing all your moments to never be forgotten!

Email me to book at info@jayellestudios.com.


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Jay Elle Studios is based in Surprise, AZ but will travel wherever a photo op takes me. 😉 Ask about destination photography.