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Mother’s Day Mini Special

Mother’s Day Mini Special!!! Saturday, 5/5 at Rio Vista Park in Peoria!! Up to 20 minutes of photography and 10 hi res images for just $99!!! Photos to be delivered within 48 hours!! Only 6 spots available starting at 5:20pm! Claim your spot now! Email me at info@jayellestudios.com to book. Share this on your page and let everyone know! The more, the merrier!     Www.jayellestudios.com

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Boudoir Party Time!

You know you want a boudoir party! What’s better than that for Valentines day for you and maybe some of your closest friends!?!? Let me set the scene….. I rent out a private room at a nice hotel with great lighting. I’ll have some champagne and snacks. A Hair and make-up artist to pamper you all to look your photographic best! You bring a few outfits to photograph in. Now, don’t freak out! It does NOT have to be lingerie! Could be a big comfy, off-the-shoulder tee and leg warmers, your SO’s shirt. It could ALSO be nudes if THAT’S what you are comfortable with. EVERY woman is different in what they are comfortable with in their own skin. With each boudoir party I’ve done, I’ve photographed older women who literally had panic attacks while doing this only to be brought to the happiest tears when seeing the images that were NOT touched up to their unrecognizable selves. I’ve photographed women who were confident, who weren’t confident. Women young, older than 60 and all in between. Each time giving these women what they did NOT think they would get out of these sessions. Pride, confidence, and a sense of self. They agreed initially for fun and ‘the heck of it’ with friends and family. And OMG did it turn in to SO MUCH MORE. NO ONE looks perfect, No one is magazine material, but each and EVERYONE OF YOU is worthy of doing this to feel beautiful, because DAMMIT YOU ARE!!!! And I’m positive your …

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